Friday, October 20, 2006

Dude, Where's My Country? - Michael Moore.

Its been an astonishingly long time since i read a book. Almost a year probably. Well, the drought has finally ended. I recently read the non-fiction - "Dude, Where's My Country" by Michael Moore; which is an anti-Bush Government book - plain and simple.
[By the way, Michael Moore is also the author of Stupid White Men, which has been made into a movie.]

The book has left me with mixed reactions. I totally agree with some of his thoughts, while totally disagree with dew others. I relate to many of the incidents and situations, while I would like to distance myself from a few.

To start off, its a book primarily intended to slam George W. Bush and his Govt. Secondly, it is primarily aimed at Americans. The name itself reflects it. It is basically one big question asked by an "aam aadmi" of USA to his President.

However, that doesnt mean that people from other countries should not be interested in the book. Reasons being many. The book gives instances of many shocking policies and incidents that are being given shape by the Bush administration. Some of these relate to internal policies within USA, like health policies and tax cuts. But others relate to world affairs.

The book exposes the shocking indifference to World Peace and the shocking selfishness that the Bush administration has supposedly displayed in recent years. From the 9/11 incident, to the Iraq war, to its policies aimed at controlling the Oil deposits in the world (which apparently was the primary reason for the Iraq war anyways), to the Bush family's friendship with the Bin Laden extended family - it all makes you sit up and take notice.

Some of the things depicted are nothing new to most countries. Like the administration making national policies designed at filling their own pockets. We have seen our babus and netas increase their own salaries time and again in the recent past.

But what is different in this case is the impact of some of their policies on the rest of the world. Like environmental policies for instance. And military ones (remember Vietnam and Iraq??). So also for their policies on controlling the Oil of the world.

Well, i have been judgemental regarding the wrong things so far in this post :). Instead of commenting about the book itself, i have strayed to the policies et al. Regarding the book. Micheal Moore has been extremely harsh on the Bush administration. But I personally feel that most of the criticism in the book apllies to most, if not all, of USA's previous administrations. The govts of USA stand for values and principles that are exactly opposite to what the people of USA stand for (or atleast thats what I gather from the book).

Moore has laid down action plans to remove the Bush administration from power next time around. That aside, he also has few very simple values to follow to make not only USA, but also the World a better place to live in.

All in all, for a non-American, the book is for most part, just an interesting read (a very interesting one at that). But there are a few moments which set you deep into thought. Moore has deliciously mixed facts and figures with lots of comedy that would keep you engrossed. Its also not a very big book, just 300-odd pages. I would rate this book as "definitely worth a read".


Apun Ka Desh said...

Cool.. will pick up this book to read. Especially the fact that it is abt 300 odd pages is attractive!