Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rang De Basanti!

I had written this article as a comment on my friend's blog Rahul Prasad's World. I think it still holds today. So am posting it here.

Hi guyz,

Let me start off by saying that the reason i'm posting the comments on this group is because i want to make sure other ppl who commented on the blog read it.. (there's a chance they may not follow up on Rahuls blog :-)

ok... now where do i start?? oh yes.. now we have ppl who see RDB and come out of the theatre saying that the message of the movie is "Go out and kill every minister who's taking a morning walk"!!!.. So let me now make a list of what messages these same ppl wud have taken from some other movies:-

  • BLACK:- "Kiss every handicapped disciple"
  • Mohabbatein:- "Please do not do anything in college except falling in love..and then break every rule of ur institution for ur love to succeed"
  • Swades:-Take every KaveriAmma from India to US... or some bull-shit llike that

COME ON GUYZ, WAKE UP!!! The essence of RDB is not to take up violence... the movie just took an example of those5-6 friends and their story... .. Of course it has never happened to me.. i mean if i had a frnd who died because of some asshole's corruption AND if the same asshole was hell bent upon tainting my frnd's name post-humously (just to save his big fat rear-end), then i dont know wt i wudv done.. but since such a grave incident has never happened to me, i hv no business criticising the violent means adopted to seek justice..

The message of RDB is that it is everybody's responsibility to change the "system".. u must agree with me that v have all tlked about this way too often.. whatever happens, just criticize the "system" and thats it.. RDB urges the youth of India to take responsibility.. because we are the future of this country.. and i think thats the message we shd take from the movie instead of debating over meaningless issues..

And i'm really shocked that ppl comment on minor irrevelant issues like screenplay and all.. Yes i agree that all these go a long way into making a complete package, but in the context of movies like RDB, there are more serious issues to discuss.. for example i agree that there is a slim chance of police lathi-charging the frail old mother of a ..well.. of someone who's no less than a hero..but thats hardly a topic for debating..the point here is.. RDB aims to move evry1.. it aims to motivate the youth to participate in the country's affairs because every right is accompanied by a duty too.. if u hv the right to live peacefully its ur duty to keep peace too..

As far as i'm concerned there has never been a movie more motivating than this in terms of patriotism (with the exception of Swades maybe).. there have been many "good patriotic movies" before..i cite the example of Sarfarosh and Lakshya.. but these have all blamed Pakistam rather than facing our own shortcomings.. RDB stands out in this regard..

And regarding comments of patriotism breeding violence, well,... that comment make absolutely no sense whatsoever as far as RDB is concerned. .mayb it does in case of Sarfarosh, Lakshya, Border, Zameer, Deewar and a host of other such movies, but not in case of RDB. I absolutely agree that international humanity is the need of the day, but first we need to get things in order within our own country.

In a nutshell RDB tells u that its possible for the masses to come together to change the so-called "pathetic state of affairs", that instead of blaming the system, we shd realize that v r as much part of the system as the police, Govt, army, blah blah... And one such dhamaka is necessary to wake up the masses.. u need not go and kill a corrupt minister..just act within ur own capacity.. whatever u do, just dont shy away from ur responsibilty by taking the cover of "i'm an non-violent person"...


Shakti said...

I agree Kiran ... Its important to be aware of one's own shortcomings and take responsibility ... whether its you as a person or as a country. And that is the message I would like to take from a movie like RDB.
Thanks for visiting my blog though.

Chandra Kavi said...

I watched the movie and thought it just about okay.(Kya bolu yaar, I don't get impressed easily :)).There is one aspect in this movie which for some reason has either been overlooked or just hasn't caught anyone's attention. The fact that it took a Brit. to evoke a sense of patriotism among the Indian youth(if you can call Aamir Khan that) and that for me was very scary and shameful.